• Lilith, 2019

    Scottish Film Talent Network - Near-fi feature in development with Creative Scotland.

  • Panacea, 2019

    In a near-future decimated by a fatal pandemic, a young woman stumbles upon a father and daughter hiding in a bunker who may hold the key to a cure. A thriller about human connection during a time of civil crisis in the vein of CHILDREN OF MEN or THE ROAD. Script available.

  • Painless, 2017

    Addictive Pictures - Sci-fi noir set in a near-future in which emotions can be transferred for a fee.

  • Crane, 2016

    Scott Free - contained psychological thriller set entirely in the cab of a crane.

  • Orla, 2015

    Scott Free - psychological horror feature.

  • The Proving Ground, 2014

    Twit-Pitch competition winner. A group of strangers wake in an abandoned town, they must band together to fight an enemy at its gates.


  • The Ministry of Umbrellas, 2020

    Winner of the BAFTA/Rocliffe New Writing Prize - in an alternative version of wartime London, a young girl searches for her missing brother and finds that the world is far stranger, and more magical than she could possibly imagine.

  • Aurora, 2018

    Supernatural mystery set on an Alaskan research station. Script available.

  • First Person, 2017

    Evolutionary Films/Channel 4 - Futuristic technology thriller in the mould of BLACK MIRROR.

  • HR, 2013

    ITV Studios - Comedy drama set in the HR department of a large, multinational company.

  • Form, 2012

    Channel 4 - Teen drama set in a Pupil Referral Unit.

Thanks for your interest in Panacea. If you want to get in touch about the project or read the script, drop a note in the contract form below.

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